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Divorce and Child Custody in Sandusky County OH

Roger W. Hafford, Attorney at Law Helps With Divorce and Child Custody

As an experienced divorce and child custody lawyer, Roger W. Hafford Attorney at Law can help. Making the decision to end a marriage is never easy. Divorce can have a huge impact on your life and the lives of those who you care about most.

This complicated legal process can be easier with the help of an experienced attorney. Roger W. Hafford has handled divorce and child custody cases for decades. Our lawyer helps clarify confusion and reduce stress. For divorce, child custody, and more, call (419) 332-1670 today or contact us for an appointment.

Divorce Matters and Filing Petitions with Sandusky County Courts

Ohio laws provide different ways for spouses to end or alter their marriage; dissolution or divorce being the primary ways. To obtain a dissolution or divorce, you must be an Ohio resident for at least six months before filing. Consult with Roger Hafford to provide specifics about your relationship or situation. With experienced representation from our firm, we can help with divorce matters and filing petitions with Sandusky County courts.

Skilled Attorney for Child Custody Matters in Ohio

Working out child custody can always be a difficult time for families. Parents have financial and logistical considerations to negotiate. Work schedules, the child’s activities, and schooling all play a role. Sometimes, the courts must decide who is best fit to be the legal and residential parent for the minor child or children.

Solicit the guidance of Roger W. Hafford, Attorney at Law during the legal process of child custody. He can help you understand your rights and obligations, parental decision making, and rightful parenting time with your child. Consult with Roger W. Hafford, Attorney at Law in Fremont, OH, for help with child custody and divorce matters.